Holsters (The Checklist)

Holsters are one of the most personal pieces of equipment a shooter might buy. Its also an item that is constantly changing because companies are always trying to meet the needs of their customers. Any seasoned shooter, if asked, will tell you about their drawer full of holster they don’t use anymore. This is often the result of one’s journey to find the perfect holster that meets your needs. When choosing a holster, we have developed a checklist that will save you time and money to hopefully prevent you from filling your own drawer full of holsters. Factors to consider when choosing a holster comes down to a balance of comfort, retention and concealment.

In regards to comfort, we do not want it to be a hassle to carry our firearm, or a drag holstering up for the day. One thing is certain if your holster is uncomfortable, you won’t carry it… Some holsters are large and bulky, if you are concealing your firearm you want something slim and still sturdy, so you don’t have to change your wardrobe. We prefer Kydex holsters at AFA, this material will last the longer and will maintain its shape and integrity. Leather holsters are without doubt the most comfortable, they break in and form to your body. But if you live in Texas like we do, you may find that the leather loses its rigidity over time after sweating in it through a Texas summer. Re-holstering into leather may be a bit more of a process, because when you draw your firearm the opening of the holster will collapse within itself forcing you to be creative when re inserting the firearm.

Retention is referring to the degree on how secure the firearm is locked into the holster. There are up to Four levels of retention, level III and level IV are primarily used by law enforcement and military. Try to stay with level II retention when concealing your firearm. Level II meaning the holster itself is safely protecting the firearm as well as covering the trigger guard to prevent the trigger from getting pulled unintentionally. Secondly, level II Kydex holsters have a point inside the holster that is pinching the firearm and securing it from falling out, which has been proven to be a very effective method of retention.

The challenge of concealment is going to be determined based on the way you dress and the size of the firearm you use for EDC (everyday carry). If you have tighter fitted clothing, carrying a firearm can be challenging because it will be much more difficult to not print; meaning someone can point out that you have a firearm under your clothing with ease. If you wear a suit for work or maybe you’re required to tuck in your shirt the best option for this uniform would be a bellyband holster or an ankle holster with a sub-compact pistol, but remember fanny packs are coming back into style. For the most part choosing a well-made holster and positioning it on our body correctly will solve most of our concealment problems.

The Holsters listed on our website are highly recommended and can be customized to your needs. The Kydex used in these holsters are handmade, extremely durable and well made in the state of Texas! They are comfortable and we maintain the best retention Kydex holsters have to offer.

*Remember, its better to “buy once cry once.” Don’t try to save money on a cheap holster*

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