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Bachelor party.

Be honest, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear those words?

Unfortunately, the term carries a dirty connotation and has been hijacked by the proposition that now that you are getting married you must go to a strip club. It hasn't always been that way, in fact let’s take a look at history's examples of bachelor parties.

In the UK they are called "Stag Parties", in Australia "Buck's Night Party," and in the old US of A "Bachelor Party", which became a term, according to the oxford dictionary, in the 14th century. The first mention of such a gathering of a young man to be married was dated back to the 5th century B.C., when Spartans would host a dinner for the man to be wed. The Spartans, although savage warriors, were a classy bunch when it came to throwing the bachelor a party, a dinner was held and toasts were made to honor him. If you read up on spartan women you may understand why there is no record of lascivious or lewd behavior at these gatherings.

When did things go south? Well Time magazine reports that during the sexual revolution of the 1960's, American bachelor parties starting incorporating strippers and pop-out cakes. The heavy drinking was already well set in place by then as well. More recent influence on the Vegas experience was fueled by the movie "the Hangover."

Where does that leave us today? Obviously there are several high profile celebrities that have ruined their marriages with bachelor party antics, and I will avoid name dropping, but it should be a learning lesson for the groomsmen who are in charge of the party. We need to see the importance of marriage, the preservation of it, and the fact that we are supposed to be celebrating the individuals honor as a good husband to be, not subscribing to the lie that all fun is over after marriage. There are so many great alternative that will not bring shame or ruin to the groom's marriage.

Recently I attended a bachelor party where we went paintballing and had BBQ at a local spot in Austin, TX. It was an absolute blast that resulted in new friendships being made and old ones strengthened. The groom made a speech at the end that was actually very enlightening. I am paraphrasing, but he said, " I want everyone here to know that I have picked you as groomsman because you are the men that I can rely on for when life or marriage gets hard, men that I know will support me, help me, and give advice when I may not see a situation clearly." I know that speech would have been a lie if he gave it near a stripper pole.

The suggestions I would like to propose for the best man or groomsmen, in planning a successful bachelor party, is choose a team event, or an activity that fuels adrenaline. Paintball, escape rooms, and shooting events are some of the best ways to accomplish that. Apostles Firearms Academy runs bachelor parties with firearm rentals, and instructor, and team shooting events. It is especially fun for those people who live in states where firearms are not as easy to have or use. If that is something you are interested in scheduling, send an email to events.apostles@gmail.com.

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