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Meet Our Instructors

Austin Black

Austin got his start in cowboy action shooting when he was 13 years old. He won several state championships, 1 national and 1 world championship. He has also competed in Steel Challenge and IDPA, and worked stage design for both of these shooting sports.

He is NRA Certified as a Pistol Instructor and as Range Safety Officer, as well as a DPS Certified LTC Instructor. He enjoys barbecue, blues music and dad jokes.


Josh Greenough

Josh is from Northern California and grew up shooting with his grandfather at a very young age. He joined the army in 2012 and spent his time in the infantry with the 10th Mountain Brigade out of Fort Polk in Louisiana until 2016. When he transitioned out of the military, he moved to Austin, Texas to pursue a career in the firearms training industry.

Josh is NRA Certified as a Pistol Instructor and is a DPS Certified LTC Instructor. He likes his steak medium rare with a side of baked potato. 


Jeff Rockwell

Jeff competes actively in multiple firearm disciplines both regionally and nationally. He studies under world-class competitors and tactical trainers to continuously improve his skills and knowledge, and pass them on to his students. His certifications include:

  • USPSA - A Class (Production)

  • United Multigun League - Expert (Tac Ops)

  • 3-Gun Nation - Semi-Pro (Tac Ops)

  • IDPA - Expert (SSP, CDP)

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt, MMA and Self Defense Trainer

rockwell headshot.png

Stephen Sheftall

Stephen has been an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor since 2014, and a Texas License to Carry Instructor since 2017.  He previously worked for a well-known, local Austin gun store from 2014 to 2019, where he taught the Basic Pistol and Firearm Safety Courses. He has a true passion for teaching brand new shooters how to succeed in this essential skill. Stephen enjoys rock climbing, camping, and live bluegrass music.

Sheftall headshot.jpg

Ivy Dorf

Ivy began shooting with her uncle at his ranch in Georgia. She believes in the importance of education around firearms, even for those who are not avid shooters. She became an instructor with the goal of educating students to be comfortable and confident around firearms, whether or not they plan on ever owning one. Ivy is excited to cater to a female audience and give them a foundational knowledge of firearms and personal safety principles.


Ivy is NRA Certified as a Pistol Instructor and a Range Safety Officer. When she’s not at the range, she’s riding her bike, practicing martial arts or trying to trick her dog into cuddling with her.


Steve Adams

Steve is from the San Antonio/Austin Area and grew up shooting under the guidance of his father, who emphasized safety and fundamentals in shooting. When not teaching firearms or flying the friendly skies, Steve volunteers his time working with the Dripping Springs Scholastic Shooting Teams as their Assistant Head Coach overseeing the new and intermediate shooting programs for the youth.


Steve is a NRA certified Pistol Instructor, Coach, and Range Safety Officer. Additionally, he is a DPS certified License to Carry a Handgun Instructor. 


Marcus Zack

Marcus describes himself as a Bible-believing Christian, husband and father.  Marcus started his professional shooting career in the police academy in 1996, and he’s been in law enforcement for over twenty years.  He’s currently employed full time as a Central TX law enforcement officer.


Marcus is also a Master Peace Officer, TCOLE Instructor, TCOLE Firearms Instructor for both pistol and shotgun, and he’s also a Basic GLOCK Armorer.  Like many other firearms instructors, Marcus is passionate about teaching law-abiding citizens how to safely & effectively defend themselves with a firearm.  His teaching is safe, simple, effective defensive shooting for both home and personal carry defense. 


When not at work, Marcus enjoys time with his family, most things outdoors and playing games on his XBOX.

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