Simple and effective training to build a strong foundation for the novice shooter.

AFA keeps things simple. We focus on the basics of firearm safety, marksmanship, and firearm care. We offer a variety of courses with the aim of educating beginner or novice shooters to be comfortable, confident and proficient, both on and off the range.

  A percentage of every dollar AFA makes is donated to Atlas Humanitarian Rescue to help fight sex, slave, and organ trafficking. To learn about how to help or to donate click here.

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In this class, you'll learn a variety of methods to treat wounds caused by firearm related injuries that could potentially save a life when every second matters. Students will learn to implement their firearms in a defensive manner while simultaneously treating fatal wounds.

This is step 2 in getting your License to Carry a Handgun. You must show proficiency with your handgun and receive 1-2 hours of instruction.

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Apostles Firearms Academy offers special events for companies, team building, bachelor parties and more. Whether you want to take clients out for an unconventionally fun time, build team effectiveness, reward hard-working employees, or give the groom-to-be an unforgettable bachelor party, AFA will take care of you.


We have rental firearms ready to go. Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns are available with ammunition and Range Safety Officers to ensure safety and education during any event. 


All events are hosted at an outdoor range located in South Austin, near McKinney Falls State Park. Eye and Ear Protection is included with every package. Pricing varies.

Inquire via email at Apostles.f.a@gmail.com or call (512) 831-6683.